Havendale Village

Visit Havendale Village to enjoy a fun and magical nature/fantasy-themed Second Life sim with homes, games, hangouts, and shopping. Havendale is family friendly and welcomes all.

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Our sim has been undergoing a major overhaul over the past few months, so come check out all of the new goodness!

  • The sim landing point is more open and informative with teleporters, store info, areas of the sim listed, rules, and more. Sim news and information can be found here, along with any new events and stores. Click me for taxi.
  • New Second Life Resident Help Center coming soon, with information and guides about what this crazy Second Life thing is all about.
  • Various themed “village” buildings are already in place and furnished for hanging out or freeform role-play (unstructured role-play you initiate yourself with friends). More of these coming soon.
  • Shopping area is complete and available for new store rentals. We have stores moving in right now, offering lots of fantasy & other goodies for your avatars and homes.
  • Tabletop games are in the New SL Resident Help Center for you to play with your friends and family anytime.
  • Skybox/platform home rentals are now available with new buildings and included security orbs for privacy.
  • Dance platform for balls and events coming soon.
  • More ideas are in the works but need time and resources.


Visit us in-world