Dragon Egg Scavenger Hunt through April

Please Be On The Lookout

On the 30th March, this prepared statement from Mayor Rowbury was presented to Havendale’s population by his long-time secretary, Madam Petunia Crawley.

“Good afternoon, residents of Havendale Village, on the 27th day of March, our beloved Mayor Rowbury awoke to find his beloved pet, Olivia, missing. He wants to be clear that the village is not in any immediate danger. The small dragon hasn’t had any problems for quite some time. Mayor Rowbury urges people not to worry. There is a teeny-tiny possibility, however, that Olivia has laid several dragon eggs around the village. We ask our residents to please help in the search for the dragon eggs. Please take a look around the village and collect any dragon eggs they find. Rewards will be given for each egg found. If you happen to find Olivia, please use extreme caution. Another, more substantial reward will be given if you find Olivia.”

It seems our “beloved” Mayor is at it again. Once again, his “pets” are stirring trouble in our quiet village. The tiny blue dragon named Olivia has escaped from Mayor’s Rowbury’s home and is now loose in Havendale laying eggs that could soon hatch at any moment (Mayor Rowbury refuses to comment on the identity of the dragon-father). This is serious folks! Havendale can’t handle a dragon infestation! We hardly handled the debacle that was the Pygmy Puff breeding farm two years ago! Get out there and get those eggs!

– Harold Scribbler, Senior Writer of The Daily Heckler.

From now until April 30 find the 10 dragon eggs hidden across the Havendale sim. Find an egg and you get the prize inside. Prizes are donated by our shop owners Inara’s Fantasy Couture, ChiMia, and My Random Creations.

None are hidden in cottages! Please respect privacy of home renters.

Questions? Contact a town council member.

Your portkey: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jack%20and%20Jones/121/92/23



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