Sim Funds for March

As of right now with current home and store rentals we have enough to pay the weekly tier plus a little extra for sim improvements.

L7499/week is the tier. We are bringing in L8000/week with rentals, and even more with donations.

With extra funds we plan on sim improvements. This means lower prim (or land impact) decor and props, more games and activities, possibly a sim surround for extra scenery, scripts to help run the sim, things of that nature.

We are thinking of moving the zombie game to a different sim to make more room for Havendale improvements. Donations will help with this initiative as well.

Sim funds for March broken down:

  • Donations & initial investments: L32,973
  • Rentals: L41,000
  • Land, tier, & advertising fees: L38,755
  • Decor & misc: L24,240

So you can see we are ahead. Payment was made on more weeks of tier this morning.

We are currently paid on sim tier through the month of April! Good job everyone!

If you have suggestions on sim improvements, or feedback in general just let us know! Use the contact page or the feedback box at the town square landing point (or in the Welcome Center if it gets moved.)


Feedback and kudos

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