Holiday Sweets & Treats Fair wrap-up

December is almost over, so that means our Holiday Sweets & Treats Fair is almost over as well. We’ve had a great time and hope you all have too! Come visit us before January first to enjoy the fair, play the gatchas, pose on our candy trees, shop for Toodleedoo clothes, update your winter wardrobe, decorate your home, and enjoy the many food props.

SLurl to the fair

HSTF fun poster

11-27-13_001 11-26-13_002 11-25-13_016 11-27-13_003 11-27-13_004 11-25-13_021 11-29-13_002 11-29-13_001 11-25-13_007 11-25-13_009 11-29-13_001 11-30-13 Rassasy

SLurl to the fair

View all fair related pics on our Flickr group.

A big thank you to our designers and bloggers!

Your creations and blog posts have been wonderful!

Our designers:

Our bloggers:

SLurl to the fair


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