Surreal Dreams at Havendale Village

The Surreal Complex LogoVisit ‘The Surreal Complex’ in February for an unforgettable surreal experience. Admire works of art in the museum. Wander through the fairy tale forest and try not to get eaten or poisoned by the plants. Explore and fly through the cloudy dreams. This is a shopping event that is also a very creative exhibit showing off what creators in SL can do. Bring your friends and be prepared to take lots of pictures.

Click me to visit The Surreal Complex

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Opening day: February 1, 2014
Closing day: March 2, 2014

Our Surreal Dreams Designers


Visit our dreams venue at The Surreal Complex and walk through the clouds to view the dreams of our designers. Their creations are very surreal and make you feel like you’re in another world of imagination.

Black Tulip / SLurl / Marketplace / Blog / Flickr / Plurk
Cozy Homes Furnishing and More / SLurl
Disastrous Beauty / SLurl / Marketplace
.::Distorted Dreams::. / SLurl / Flickr / Plurk
Half-Deer / SLurl / Flickr
KoKoLoReS / SLurl / Marketplace / Flickr
Laudanum Lollipops / SLurl / Marketplace
MetaTheodora / SLurl / Marketplace / Flickr
Muddy Buddies / Marketplace
*paper moon* / SLurl / Facebook
~SongBird~ / SLurl / Marketplace / Flickr / Facebook / Plurk / Blog
Uncertain Smile / SLurl / Marketplace / Flickr
XTC (XT Creations) / SLurl / Marketplace / Flickr

Click me to visit The Surreal Complex


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