Make Havendale Village Your Home

Havendale has gone through more remodeling this past weekend. Among the improvements are more rentals with great surrounding scenery.

Come check us out!

We have cottages on the edges of the sim for rent which are perfect for individuals and small families.

House rentals
Cottages for rent are scattered along the sim edges. Look for bright green “Available” signs and click them for information.

For creators we have small and large stores available for rent along our busy shopping street with traffic increasing each day.

Havendale main street
Havendale main street with shops

We are also opening a weekly farmer’s market type event for designers who want to sell quality items at discount prices for promotional purposes, the Havendale Market.

Weekly market opening March 15th.
Weekly market opening March 15th.

Our sim is family friendly, noob friendly, creature friendly, just about any kind of friendly that’s PG. Come enjoy an afternoon in a cute fantasy town with your friends and loved ones. We would love for you to rent and make Havendale Village your home, too!

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