Havendale Village is moving!

Thanks to a rise in traffic and demand for rentals we are moving from a homestead to a full sim. This will allow for a better town layout, more games and activities, more sim decor for better scenery, better hangout spots, and more home and store rentals. Construction is going on now and renters are beginning to move to the new sim. Most of the new sim is now complete.

We are very excited to offer more scenery and fun things to do on our fantasy themed sim with a magical focus. We hope to have many events geared towards witches, wizards, and magical creatures very soon.

The quidditch pitch should be going up this week for open play to visitors and residents. We are improving our classic Hogsmeade section of the sim and hope to have role-play and hangout spots for the Harry Potter role-players again soon.

Click here to visit our new sim location

Do you want to rent a store or home at the new full sim? We would love to have you as a neighbor in our community.
Click here to visit the rental office


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