Havendale Village is changing

We admins of Havendale Village want to do more changes to Havendale, again. Lots of ideas. The sim is always changing.

We are re-working how we do rentals as part of the upcoming sim improvements. Small shops are going away in favor of larger, more active stores. Private homes are moving to skyboxes and will be more exclusive. In the past we relied heavily on rentals to keep the sim open, but admins have more funds nowadays. Instead of trying to get anyone and everyone to rent here, we want to focus on the best experience for everyone on sim. We believe this means cutting down on the number of rentals and making sure the stores on sim are great quality and up to date.

We want to make all ground-level (non skybox) buildings open to all visitors. Havendale Village is meant to be an open, friendly, and fun sim for visitors to explore and hang out. It’s rather awkward when visitors are exploring down a trail or spot a cute building they want to check out, only to be kicked off sim due to a security orb. Skyboxes are much more private and are a much better option for private homes.

If you are a store owner and are interested in renting space at Havendale Village after sim work is complete, feel free to contact us and start a conversation (in-world: HavendaleVillage Resident). You would be a neighbor to ChiMia and also enjoy the sim’s scenery and visitors.


Feedback and kudos

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