Home Rentals are now available!

Havendale Village has 18 new private skybox/platform home rentals available now!

Home rentals at Havendale Village are intended to be low fuss and easy to manage. You simply pay the right rental box for the existing empty home you want then get sent a group invite to rez and you’re ready to move in and make yourself at home. No land settings to worry about, no parcels, no setting up security (we have our own included automatically). You can easily add your friends and family to the whitelist for visits or the rental box so they can rez items too. You can even turn on or off your security orb whenever you want. Staff is only a message or notecard away for anything you need as well.

We’re starting off rentals at a low price of only L$1/prim/week, so a home wanting to use 200 land impact (prims) would cost L$200/week. Renters can choose how many prims they want to use in what space even though there’s a default on each rental box to get us all started. Simply send a notecard with what change you would like to HavendaleVillage Resident in-world.

New home rentals are in private skyboxes and platforms with security system included to keep out intruders. No homes shall be on the main land of the sim as that is an open and public area for all to explore and enjoy. All homes are first come first served.

Visit our rental office in-world



Beautiful private skybox home with 3 rooms downstairs, plus 1 loft room upstairs. Lots of windows plus privacy dome.


Cottage with 2 large rooms downstairs and 3 room upstairs. Has outdoor space and a privacy dome.


A clocktower skybox with one large room downstairs, one loft bedroom, and one bathroom off of the bedroom.


Yes, it’s a pear! This small home has one large room inside plus one bedroom loft space. There’s room outside on this floating island platform.


Fairy tale tower with 2 large circular rooms and a rooftop deck with plants.


Visit our rental office in-world


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