Sim Photo Contest

The SL community sim Havendale Village is having a photo contest during the month of February 2019!

JOIN February 1-18th (extended deadline!)
VOTE February 19-28th 2019
Theme: Pics taken in public areas at the Havendale Village sim
Location: Havendale Village

Grand prize gets L$5,000 plus gift cards to ChiMia, CerberusXing, and Serendipity Poses!

Additional prizes for 2nd and third place from ChiMia and Serendipity Poses.

More prizes may come as the contest progresses.

To participate, take photos at any PUBLIC location on our sim

Make them pretty, cute, fantasy, funny, whatever as long as they’re General or Moderate rated. No sex, no nudity, etc. Follow sim rules at all times.

We have teleporters all over sim going to our various themed hangout areas and skyboxes. Try our village, or nature scenes, yogo studio, magical fairy fountain, barber shop, bowling alley, greenhouse, community center, cafe, bakery, or any of our many other areas.

DO NOT enter rented homes. We have security orbs up for a reason: privacy.
DO NOT message or creep on our home renters. Leave them be.

Take a square photo and upload to SL. You can crop and edit the photo as desired. As long as the theme is still someplace on Havendale Village you’re good.

To enter or vote, come to the contest building

There is a contest controller board on the back wall as you enter the building. This has prize info and time left on the contest. More info on prizes from sponsors are around this board.

Along the walls are the individual contest entry boards. Vote on your favorites. To enter the contest, pick an unclaimed contest board and click it, then follow instructions.

Tell your friends and spread the word about the contest!

Sim landing point // Contest building


Feedback and kudos

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