Spotlight On: Serendipity Poses

Serendipity Poses is another of our dedicated, longstanding stores situated in Havendale Village.

Whimsical, fantasy, dramatic are the first words that come to mind when I try and describe these poses.

Dream. like. state. Are you sleepy yet? 🙂 Hope not because behind every pose maker there is a story. Here is Ariella’s.

Charlotte: You are the creator of Serendipity Poses, can you tell me about your inspirations behind your brand and creativity?

Ariella: I get inspiration from everything… sometimes it is my real life mood, songs I listen to, people around me, anything in SL. I still love my old static non- bento poses. In that time, I used doll avatars for my vendor pictures but I was forced to stop doing that, because most people thought my poses would not work with human avatars.

Charlotte: Oh wow that’s interesting! I can see you have a strong fantasy theme in your poses, do you have any favourites?

Ariella: When I look on the character I made, for example ‘Aubrette’, I think she is sensitive and fragile, but ‘Marco’ is brave and daring.

Charlotte: Indeed! I love the mood your poses convey.

Charlotte: I’m intrigued by your pose, “Personal Space”. What emotions are you trying to convey there?

Ariella: The pose “Personal Space” is inspired by the Japanese definition of “Kabe-Don”. I am interested in Japanese culture, music and cartoons. Studio Ghibli means a lot to me.

For those who are unfamilar with the term “Kabe-Don”, it is defined as “the sound of something hitting a hard surface… causing excitement and exhilaration”. Often used in Japanese manga or anime, it is interpreted as a romantic situation, when someone leans over someone else and “DON”! (hits a wall with one hand)reference.

Charlotte: We love hearing how passionate you are about your work! Thank you for teaching us about “Kabe Don”!

Charlotte: What advice would you give to pose makers who are new to the industry?

Ariella: Nowadays a lot of people create poses or use HUDs for posing. It’s hard to make something new and interesting, but most important is to love what you do…

Charlotte: It looks like you put a lot of care into your work, how else do you like to spend your time in Second Life?

Ariella: I spend a lot of time changing my avatar, decorating my place, blogging for other shops, I like to visit different places, if they have a nice view and music, then I can be a frequent guest there….

Charlotte: It was a pleasure interviewing you!

Ariella: Thank you very much!

Check out Ariella’s store at Havendale Village and her blog for up to date news on her poses.

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