Come be our neighbor! We have shops and homes for rent.

This sim is a large, open “safe space” for Second Life residents of all ages, colors, shapes, and species. We often attract role-players, fantasy lovers, shoppers, photographers looking for great scenery, families on fun day trips, and many others. We are listed on the Second Life Destination Guide and often get new SL residents as well ready to explore all that Second Life has to offer.

Home rentals // Store rentals

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Home rentals

Home rentals at Havendale Village are intended to be low fuss and easy to manage. You simply pay the right rental box for the existing empty home you want then get sent a group invite to rez and you’re ready to move in and make yourself at home. No land settings to worry about, no parcels, no setting up security (we have our own included automatically). You can easily add your friends and family to the whitelist for visits or the rental box so they can rez items too. You can even turn on or off your security orb whenever you want. Staff is only a message or notecard away for anything you need as well.

We’re starting off rentals at a low price of only L$1/prim/week, so a home wanting to use 200 land impact (prims) would cost L$200/week. Renters can choose how many prims they want to use in what space even though there’s a default on each rental box to get us all started. Simply send a notecard with what change you would like to HavendaleVillage Resident in-world.

New home rentals are in private skyboxes and platforms with security system included to keep out intruders. No homes shall be on the main land of the sim as that is an open and public area for all to explore and enjoy. All homes are first come first served.


Store rentals

We have a new shopping area ready for stores to move in!

We’re starting off rentals at a low price of only L$1/prim/week, so a store wanting to use 200 land impact (prims) would cost L$200/week. Store owners can choose how many prims they want to use in what space, but we request that large rentals please use more prims and fill up space accordingly. We have so many available prims to use, especially with the increased prim gifts from LL on land recently, so we want to bring in great stores to our newly re-decorated sim with low rates. All stores are first come first served.

Preview of possible store spaces

Check our sim in-world to see what’s still available at this time.

Visit us in-world

We try hard to keep our sim looking great and fun for all visitors. We ask that store renters continue with this theme through their stores with nice decor, easy to use vendors (no multi-vendors, please), no laggy scripts, etc. Gifts for new residents would be a great idea as well since we have so many noob visitors.

Stores at our sim will get parcels in the store name, logo and info on our sim blog, access to post minimal advertising on our Flickr/in-world group/etc, and sponsor sim events and special attractions. Don’t forget that being a store owner means you also need to put effort into your own advertising, events, hunts, etc for your store on sim to attract customers. Regular new products in your store helps attract customers as well. Please pitch in to make your store attractive and updated. The larger the store space you rent, the more effort is needed.

Businesses wishing to rent space on our sim need only apply by providing basic information on the store name, theme and types of items being sold, how much space needed, how much land impact, and related information. You can use the contact form at the bottom of this page to do so, or visit us in-world and click one of the “rent this space” signs in front of available stores to get a notecard to fill out with this information. We will try to get back with you in a few days.

Rental info

There is a very small team of staff here with one main owner and a few friends who help occasionally. We’re normal people like you and we operate very casually and are open to working with you to get the right space and rate for your store and needs. This also means that we do not have a large staff for support 24/7 and we apologize for that. Response times can be a bit slow but we try to get back to you as soon as we can.

No hovertext, laggy scripts, particle emitters, or similar acts or items that may disturb experience on the sim for others.

Rentals help cover the cost of keeping the sim open. You are responsible for paying your rent on time. Check your rental meter outside of your rental unit. Messages will be automatically sent to help remind you to pay when rent is due. You are still responsible for paying on time even if you do not receive such messages. If you are 48 hours overdue on paying rent then you may be evicted and items may be returned to you.

You and your guests and invitees shall not disturb, annoy, endanger or inconvenience other tenants, neighbors, the staff or agents; nor violate any law, nor commit or permit waste or nuisance in or about the premises.

This is a mature sim and there may be other avatars nearby, including child avatars. No nudity, no sex, no age play, no other prohibited acts against the Second Life terms of service. This includes store photography and signage.

The sim admins reserve the right to evict you and/or ban you with or without warning if you do not follow sim rules, rental rules, Second Life terms of service, and/or if you are disruptive or are too much of a nuisance. This may result in no refunds on fees paid. Life is hard enough without extra problems. Don’t be a jerk.

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